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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Vector Latest Version (1.0.7) Full APK Download for Android

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Vector is an interesting Arcade game for Android devices which has received a very huge number of downloads at Google Play Store. The big number of downloads tells how popular the game is. It is free and you can download the latest version of the game at below provided download links. You can either install the game for free from Google Play Store or can download the full APK file of the game at the links provided below.
Before proceeding to the download of Vector Arcade game, you might be interested in knowing about what is new in the latest version.

What’s New: In latest version, 1 construction track and more than 8 Technopark tracks have been added. These features have added more fun to the game. Moreover, several bugs including game crash during the play have been fixed. In addition, now you can restore the deluxe version of the game with ease after deleting the current game.
If you have been playing Vector Arcade game on your Android device, then you are already familiar about the great fun contained in this game. But if you are downloading Vector for the first time, then here is a brief introduction to this entertaining game.
When downloaded and installed on Android devices, the game features the user as a free runner. You need to run through different hurdles and challenging tracks using your skills. There are about 20 challenging levels in the game where you will find several difficulties. Your skills and practice will decide either you win the run or not.
The beginner mode of the game is easy to learn and you will quickly learn how to play the game. But when you will surpass a few levels, the game will start getting harder. Each (advanced) level is more challenging and you need more practice and more intelligence to master the levels as they go from simpler to advance.
At the end, we can just say that “Vector rocks among all Arcade style Android games“. If you haven’t downloaded this game yet, then download Vector full APK for free at the download links provided below. If your device supports Google Play Store, then follow the official Play Store link to install the game from Google Play Store as the link will download compatible version of the game according to your device.

Download here

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